Our Focus
We Provide reliable appraisals and valuations for all types of personal property and equipment. This is advantageous to those who wish to sell, merge, finance or liquidate any or all parts of your business. These appraisals can include machinery, heavy equipment, business valuations and personal property assets to name a few. You can count on our experience to provide a fair appraisal for nearly any type of personal property or business asset for your transaction. Find out more about what we do  

What is an Appraisal?

When it comes to appraising, there is no room for error. Often lives are impacted by the outcome of a professional appraisal.

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Over 30 years of experience as a full time auction and appraisal company our Appraisers have a nearly 50 years combined experience.

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Client Testimonials

"Quality Professional, and timely report as usual"
"Fast and professional. Just what a banker needs in a business partnership in today's economy"
"Very efficient"
"Prompt, flexible, affordable and a very smooth process"
"Always prompt, courteous and professional"
"It has been 16 years of quality service and looking forward to more!"
"20+ Years of excellent results!"


"Over the past thirty years, Miedema Appraisals, Inc. has appraised millions of dollars of equipment and assets on behalf of banks, credit companies, attorneys, and more"


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Appraise your Farming and Harvesting equipment.
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