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Started in 1984, Miedema Appraisals specializes in providing accurate, confidential, and professional appraisals for most types of personal property assets. As a Michigan appraisal company with a global reach, we have assisted on transactions such as Collateral Evaluations, Business Liquidations, Estate Tax Valuations, Investment Possibilities, Acquisitions, Financial Analyses, Mergers, Partnership Dissolutions, Litigation and others. Additionally, we are approved to appraise construction equipment for the MDOT prequalification process. 


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Our staff appraisers possess a wide range of knowledge and experience that allow us to perform appraisals on a variety of commercial assets, machinery, and personal property. While we started out as a Michigan appraisal company, Miedema Appraisals is now a global company and we will travel where necessary to conduct the on-site inspections. In the past we have traveled throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico to perform appraisals.


Our team is here to serve you! We would be more than happy to provide you a free estimate of costs through a phone call, fax or email. If you would like more information about us or would like to request a visit from us, please contact us. Take a chance to get to know the certified equipment appraisers who will be helping you throughout this process by scrolling through our team members  below!

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Started in 1984, Miedema Auctioneering LIVE Division is our live equipment auction division that conducts millions of dollars of traditional style auction sales annually. These include construction, agricultural, industrial, commercial, business liquidations, and more. We offer real time live internet bidding to augment our professional on-site traditional auctioneers, maximizing our sellers market and increasing selling prices. When the excitement and competition of a live, traditional auction is desired, our Miedema Auctioneering team delivers.

Started in 1984, Miedema Appraisals specializes in providing accurate, confidential, and professional appraisals for most types of personal property and commercial assets. Started as a Michigan appraisal company, we have expanded to offer global appraisals. Our team writes over 200 appraisals annually for all types of machinery, equipment and personal property, valuing millions of dollars of assets for our clients which include financial institutions, legal professionals, courts, and other professionals and corporations across the globe.

Started in 2000, Repocast is our recovery and sales division. We market commercial, business, and personal property assets of all types for banks, credit unions, trustees, businesses, and individuals. We have many auctions every week typically selling over 3000 items and attracting thousands of bidders. We have three permanent Michigan facilities, one in the Grand Rapids Metro region (Byron Center), one in Southwest Michigan region (Wayland), and one in the Flint Metro region. Repocast can handle voluntary or involuntary repossessions from a whole business to a single car, moving these items to our secure facility to be included in our auctions.

Started in 2002, Orbitbid brings the internet auction to your facility and sells all the assets from your location, providing an efficient and effortless auction with all the benefits of a large bidding audience. We have the latest in internet bidding technology, and a huge following of online bidders (nearly 300,000 register bidders) from all over the world. Orbitbid conducts over 300 auctions annually totaling millions of dollars.

Started in 2008, LAST BID Real Eastate specializes in selling real estate via online bidding. We market several hundred real estate properties each year for banks, credit unions, government agencies, corporations, and private individuals with our unique and highly successful online auction bidding platform. Bidders from around the world are able to participate in the real estate auctions we conduct for our clients. We quickly and efficiently we turn our client’s real estate assets into cash.

Started in 2009, Online-Auction Software is another of the Miedema Asset Management Group that provides and supports the software for the online auction bidding platform. All of the online-auction companies owned and operated by Miedema Asset Management Group utilize the OAS bidding platform. OAS also offers the opportunity to license this bidding platform software to other Independent Auction Operators (IAO).

Started in 2012, Rangerbid is our online auction company that allows businesses to sell their assets to end users, as well as to other businesses, with ease right from the seller’s location. When it is not convenient for a seller to have their own auction, or to transport their assets to one of our three fixed facilities, Rangerbid is the perfect source for listing and selling assets. Rangerbid auctions consist of items from multiple consignors and multiple locations around the country. The Rangerbid team will provide a high level of customer service and security while working hard to facilitate seamless transactions by utilizing a proven state of the art internet auction technology, provided by OAS.

Started in 2012, SSL Firearms is the Miedema federally licensed firearms dealership that specializes in selling all types of firearms and accessories – primarily through our weekly online auctions. Our two independent locations are within our Repocast. facilities that sell to eligible buyers across the United States. We also specialize in selling private collections, firearms from private individuals, and for municipalities/Public Safety Departments. We make selling your firearms safe, easy, and eliminate the legal concerns by being a licensed FFL dealer.

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