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what is an appraisal

What is an Appraisal?

Appraisals: What They are and Why You Would Need One An appraisal is a highly valuable service that will allow your business to understand the true value of your equipment, inventory or overall worth of your company. They are conducted by a certified appraiser who has been specially trained to

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marketing award

Award Winning Service

Since 1984, Miedema Asset Management Group’s affiliated auctioneers and marketing department have won over 150 Advertising Excellency Awards. We are a trusted company that will continue to provide a worldwide marketplace for all our customers and the excellence our customers desire. We take the work that we do very seriously

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Across the United States

Miedema Appraisals Inc. has performed appraisals across the United States in over 34 states and even Canada and Mexico! We are happy to travel to wherever you are located to conduct an appraisal. Our goal is always to serve our customers to the best of our abilities – which includes

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joe louis arena

Buy Iconic Joe Louis Arena Seats!

BUY SEATS FROM THE ICONIC JOE LOUIS ARENA – Own your own piece of history Tuesday, May 1st:Season Ticket holders get first opportunity to purchase seats. Saturday, May 12th: General Public gets to purchase remaining seats. ****All seats must be purchased through: www.TheJoeSeats.com Seats will be sold in minimum sets

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appraiser credentials curtis kayes

New Team Member!

Miedema Asset Management Group is pleased to announce an addition to our Appraisal and Auction team. After 22 years providing auction and appraisal services to his many loyal clients and customers Curtis B. Kaye of C. B. Kaye & Associates from Fraser Michigan has joined the Miedema team of professionals.

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An appraisal that really took flight!

At Miedema Appraisals we are always appraising an array of assets, and this time we had an appraisal that really took flight. We recently appraised airplanes for one of our clients and you could say we “soared to new heights” on this appraisal! Do you have equipment or assets that

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industrial equipment appraisal

We Travel For You!

Miedema Appraisals Inc. has performed appraisals across the United States in over 34 states and even Canada and Mexico! If you have Industrial, Agricultural, Construction or Commercial Equipment that needs an appraisal give us a call today at 1-800-734-1112 When utilizing the services of Miedema Appraisals you will receive: 30 years

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Appraise your Farming and Harvesting equipment.

Did you know that Michigan is the nation’s leading producer of cultivated blueberries and produces and utilizes 99 million pounds, with a value of $123.8 million each year! Additionally, Michigan is famous for its apples, and we would be remiss to forget to mention the cherry production as. Traverse City

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Medical Equipment Appraisals

We specialize in a wide array of equipment that we appraise. One of our areas of expertise is Medical Equipment. Whether you own a family practice, dentist office or maybe a chiropractic office we are here to help! Maybe you have one piece of equipment that you need to have

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Fleet Appraisals

Do you own a trucking company or maybe have a fleet that needs updating? Do you need to know what your fleet is worth? Miedema Appraisals has extensive fleet appraisal experience across a broad range of needs. We offer thoroughly written, professional reports to satisfy the needs of all our clients. Our

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Did you know….

Did you know that Miedema Appraisals specializes in appraisals in a wide array of categories. We offer all types of on-site and desktop machinery & equipment appraisals. We have a wide knowledge of various types of equipment appraisals, from Tool & Die to Restaurant equipment and most everything in between. Speaking

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Customer Service is Key!

We take pride in Customer Service. Special circumstances require special needs and Miedema Appraisals understands that not all appraisals are the same. Consideration is given to every assignment because we live in an ever changing world. Equipment is constantly changing with the introduction of technology. Different models of equipment have

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Fitting your Appraisal Needs

If you are looking to insure, buy, sell or simply understand the true value of your business, Miedema Appraisals will tailor an appraisal to fit your needs. Reliability, accuracy, competitive cost and expediency are values we have built our reputation on. We take pride in our highly trained and experienced

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industrial equipment appraisals

Industrial Equipment Appraisals

Did you know that Miedema Appraisals can appraise a company’s major equipment or all of your assets from office equipment to CNC machinery. The staff at Miedema Auctioneering has extensive knowledge in many areas, one including Industrial Equipment. We are experienced in many Industrial areas such as: Tool & Die Heat

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Farm Equipment & Tractor Appraisals

Miedema Appraisals Inc. has an extensive track record in appraising farm equipment in many types of agricultural operations. If you’re looking to finance new farm equipment or establish the value of used equipment and tractors, we can help!   We have experience in many types of appraisals: Orchards & Orchard

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Who we Serve

We serve a wide variety of clients who are looking for the proper valuation of their assets. Whether you’re a business owner considering a merger or acquisition, an equipment purchase or a financial institutional looking to understand what your financing, we can provide the insights you need for that assets

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Experience Matters!

Over the past thirty plus years, Miedema Companies have appraised millions of dollars of personal property for numerous fine banks, credit companies, attorneys, CPA’s, corporations, etc. We have assisted on such transactions as Collateral Evaluations, Business Liquidations, Estate Tax Valuations, Investment Possibilities, Acquisitions, Financial Analyses, Mergers, Partnership Dissolutions, Business Valuations,

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Miedema Appraisals is MDOT Approved!

Stay MDOT approved this year with Miedema Appraisals! We are on the approved appraisers list for MDOT and we are offering large discounts to keep you on the approved contractors list in 2016. If your equipment is fully depreciated let us help truly reflect the value it still has. Miedema

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travel appraisals

Did you know that we conduct appraisals across the US?

Did you know that we conduct appraisals across the US? We know that our services are needed outside of Michigan, and we want to provide them to as many people as possible! It can be extremely difficult and expensive for you to transfer your equipment to us. Or it might

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Want to know what something is worth?

Want to know what something is worth? We specialize in Construction, Industrial, Agriculture, and Food Processing types of equipment just to name a few. Give us a call for a free quotation on your next appraisal project 1-800-734-1112

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