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How Much Does A Machinery And Equipment Appraisal Cost?

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It can be hard to find a reliable and professional appraisal service. Luckily for you, here at Miedema Appraisals we are both! We have been operating for many years and conduct appraisals for companies and organizations all the time. Almost all of our appraisers are accredited by the American Society of Appraisers in some capacity – either as a member, candidate or as a senior appraiser. It takes a lot of work to reach this level and we are proud to have such dedicated appraisers on our team.

Appraisals can be confusing if you have never had one conducted before. You may decide to have an appraisal done for a variety of reasons. Some companies simply want to know the value of their business, some want an accurate idea of the depreciation on their equipment for a MDOT prequalification application, and still others may want to use the financial appraisal to refinance their business! Regardless of why you want to have an appraisal done, we will be able to walk you through step by step so you are aware of what is happening at all times. Your questions are welcomed in this process! Anything you may be wondering – from the initial steps leading up to the appraisal to how you can use the information gained from the appraisal – we can answer!

Fill out the form if you are ready to dive in headfirst to this exciting process! We can’t wait to help you determine the value of your assets. If you have a few more questions that you would like to ask, checkout our FAQ page or contact us here to talk with a certified equipment appraiser.

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