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Four Tips to Increase the Value of Your Equipment Before an Appraisal or Sale

Get The Most Out Of Your Assets

If you are getting ready to have your equipment appraised before a sale, you might be thinking about what you can do to possibly increase the value to make sure that you get the most out of your items. We have a few simple steps that you can follow to increase the value of your assets before you appraise and sell your equipment.

Before you have even thought about selling your machinery, it’s important to realize that machine maintenance is key in the resale of your equipment. Not just a week or month or even few months before the sale. But if you truly want the best resale value for your piece of machinery, keeping up on regular maintenance is crucial. It’s also a good idea to keep those records in the event that you would ever want to sell your equipment – this gives your potential buyer some great insight. It will not only show organization and care on your end, but it lets your buyer know that you have cared well for your equipment, that the machinery was taken care of to the best of your ability. If by chance you haven’t been intentional in saving maintenance records over your time of ownership, do your best to dig up any records, and search through your emails to see if you can find any remaining receipts or anything that you can have available to both your appraiser and your future buyers. This is our first and foremost tip, maintain your equipment the best that you can, this will keep your machines running the longest they can as well as hold their value the best that they can as well.

increase equipment value

Check intentionally for leaks or breaks. A leak can be hard to hide, and it will instantly be considered by anyone appraising your equipment or looking to buy it. Breaks and leaks not only indicate something that needs to be fixed but it also could be an indication of a larger, more serious issue. Taking the time to check your equipment over for leaks and fixing them as necessary can really improve your equipment value before your appraisal or your equipment sale.
The next thing that you can do to make sure that your machinery and equipment gets valued at its best is to invest in upgrades. This not only goes for before you are going to have your items appraised, but this should be a motto that you consider all throughout the time frame that you own your assets. Although it can be hard to initially make the sometimes expensive investment into your equipment and machinery, it will likely yield an incredible result for you getting a higher appraisal value resulting in a higher sale value as well.

The last thing that we recommend for every person to do before getting an appraisal or trying to sell their equipment would be to spend the time, a sufficient amount of time doing a thorough cleaning and touch up – both inside and out. If you’re using your equipment hard, and chances are that you are, taking a minute to wash down your equipment and help make it look the best that it can will go a long way for the value. It’s been stated that it’s best to do the least amount that you can, because going overboard can look sloppy, and make the appearance that you’re trying to cover up something. We suggest that you carefully look both inside the cab and out, making whatever changes necessary to spiff up the appearance and breathe some revival and value back into your machine.
These are just a few simple tips that pay off and allow you can take action with your equipment today to increase the value and make sure that your items have the best appraisal possible.

increase equipment value

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