Over the past thirty plus years, Miedema Companies have appraised millions of dollars of personal property for numerous fine banks, credit companies, attorneys, CPA's, corporations, etc. We have assisted on such transactions as Collateral Evaluations, Business Liquidations, Estate Tax Valuations, Investment Possibilities, Acquisitions, Financial Analyses, Mergers, Partnership Dissolutions, Business Valuations, Litigation and others.

Globally Known

Our staff appraisers possess a wide range of knowledge and experience that allow us to perform appraisals on a variety of Personal Property. We have traveled throughout the United States, and into Canada and Mexico to perform appraisals.

Miedema Appraisals will travel where necessary to conduct the on-site inspections. We provide reliable, professional appraisals that are thoroughly researched from our extensive databases.


Our rates are reasonable and with a phone call, fax or email we can provide a free estimate of cost. If you would like more information about us or would like to request a visit from us, please contact us