Appraise your Farming and Harvesting equipment.

Did you know that Michigan is the nation’s leading producer of cultivated blueberries and produces and utilizes 99 million pounds, with a value of $123.8 million each year! Additionally, Michigan is famous for its apples, and we would be remiss to forget to mention the cherry production as. Traverse City even hosts the National Cherry Festival every year. We count ourselves lucky to have access to so much incredible fruit throughout the summer and fall season for everything from snacks to delicious baked goods. We are also lucky to have so much production around us because it has given us the opportunity to appraise a wide variety of farming and harvesting equipment. We love having the opportunity to appraise the equipment that helps us produce fruits that we love! We have conducted many equipment appraisals for farmers across Michigan. However, don’t forget that we will also travel out of state and even out of the country in order to appraise your equipment! Not only does it save you the trouble of bringing your equipment to one of our facilities, but it saves you the money that you would have spent on transportation costs and allows us to see the working and storage conditions of your farm equipment.

Do you have blueberry or orchard equipment that you need appraised? Miedema Appraisals is here for you as we have extensive knowledge in appraising farming and harvesting equipment! Visit us at or call us at 1-800-734-1112 for a free quote! We want to make sure that you are completely comfortable when partnering with Miedema Appraisals. If you have any questions at all about our services or our appraisal process please don’t hesitate to reach out or contact us here. We hope to provide you with the best customer service possible along with an accurate, professional appraisal.