An appraisal that really took flight!



At Miedema Appraisals we are always appraising an array of assets, and this time we had an appraisal that really took flight. We recently appraised airplanes for one of our clients and you could say we “soared to new heights” on this appraisal!

Do you have equipment or assets that might be considered different or irregular? We would love to appraise them for you in order for you to know their worth for your own records or so that you can sell them for an appropriate amount to earn their true value. We love appraising interesting and different items! Contact us today to see if it will be possible to appraise your items.

Don’t forget that we will travel to you to conduct an appraisal! One of the many benefits of working with us is that we are able to come to your facilities to appraise your items, saving you money, time and energy throughout the appraisal process. It is our goal to provide you with the best customer service possible along with an excellent, professional appraisal. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us. We want to make sure that you are familiar with our company and our appraisal process so that you are comfortable with our company and our fantastic appraisers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for even the smallest question.

If you are looking to have an appraisal done, please contact us here and we will be in contact with you to set up a call or an appointment to talk. If you would like to call us directly please call either of our numbers listed below. We have a great team of appraisers who are ready to assist you in whatever way they can. Feel free to browse through each of them and their individual experience here.

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